Southern Ontario Tankless Service

Your tankless water heater is built to last more than 20 years, ensuring that it runs smoothly and maintains its efficiency requires regular maintenance.  Here are some of the services that should be completed regularly, usually at the same time your tankless is flushed.Tankless Services GTA

  1. Flush the unit
  2. Inspect the fan
  3. Inspect the gas manifold system
  4. Clean the igniter and flame rod(s)
  5. Remove and inspect the servo valves and ensure proper movement
  6. Inspect flow sensor and check for damage
  7. Pull the venting and inspect the exchanger for condensate damage or corrosion

A tankless does have quite a few parts but all can be fixed or replaced with great tankless service.  Most tankless models are relatively similar and employ the identical heating process making maintenance and service more effective and reliable.

If you have any tankless error codes or any issues give us a call and we can help trouble shoot your system.  If all else fails we can have a tankless service technician come out and diagnose your system.

Give us a call or fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. I have a Navien water heater, Model NR-210 NG.

    SN 8882-20100

    I am getting a E016 error code. I checked the water and air inlet filters and are clean. When I reset, it will work for a while, then error out again (E061). Can I get someone to service this unit for me?
    I live in Caledon East, ON.

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