Versa Hydro

The Versa Hydro Tank Water Heater

This is a conventional tank type water heater that is 96% efficient and capable of producing between 205 to 335 gallons of hot water per hour at a 100 degree F temperature increase. This is a conventional tank nearly capable of providing as much hot water as a tankless system.

The Versa Hydro was designed primarily to provide residential home hot water needs with domestic space heating as a secondary option. The Versa Hydro comes in either a 55, 80, or 119 gallon tank reservoirs and ranges from either 130,000 to 199,000 BTU’s. The space heating module is rated at 160 degrees F and between 100,000 and 135,000 BTU’s dependent on model choice.

This domestic water heater also has the capabilities to integrate a solar option allowing you to convert solar thermal energy into both your homes water heating system as well as residential heating.


  1. 12 year limited warranty
  2. Room air intake or external, PVC, CPVC Pipe, Flexible Pipe approved venting options
  3. Hybrid stainless steel / cupronickle heat exchanger
  4. 96% thermal efficiency
  5. 55, 80, 119 gallon sizes
  6. LCD control panel

Versa Hydro Tank Water Heater

The Versa Hydro fits the equivalent of a 135,000 BTU boiler, and indirect water heater, and a buffer tank into one small foot print.

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