Navien NR-210 (A)

Toronto Navien Tankless NR-210(A)


Input17,000~180,000 BTU/h
(Natural Gas)0.95
(Propane Gas)0.97
Flow RateAt 35˚F Rise : 10 GPM

At 45˚F Rise : 7.7 GPM

At 77˚F Rise : 4.6 GPM


  • Easy installation and PVC venting
  • 3″ SCH 40 solid PVC up to 100′
  • Industry’s highest energy efficiency rating
  • Ready Link Multi connection system
  • Optional built-in recirculation system with buffer tank (NR-210A)
  • Advanced Eco Navien technology
  • Extended lifecycle utilizing dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Advanced remote control – NR-10DU
  • Three phased burner to significantly reduce gas consumption when not needed

With Navien Condensing, you get not only Great Value but also Condensing Technology and Efficiency. Condensing tankless systems offer substantial savings and contribute to a greener environment. Also, with a Navien Tankless the installation and venting processes are easy, cost effective.

Extended Lifespan

Navien utilizes dual stainless steel heat exchangers, providing a longer life-expectancy and more resistance to erosion. Navien’s stainless steel heat exchangers operate with relatively low water temperatures, minimizing damage from hard water conditions and maintains a high efficiency level. Also, since a condensing tankless is of such high efficiency it produces lower exhaust temperatures, allowing for the use of 3″ PVC venting. This further reduces costs as PVC offers a significant cost savings over other venting materials.

Tankless Safety

  • A Navien NR210 employs dual microprocessors to offer better control and safer operation with continuous cross monitoring.
  • APS – air pressure sensor to maximize efficiency by controlling air for optimal combustion.
  • GPS – gas pressure sensor allows exact amounts of gas in combustion chamber to maintain efficiency and safety.
  • Leak Detector – protects water heater from damage as well as personal property.

Sizing Your Tankless

Below are some charts to help you ascertain how much you can expect a Navien Tankless to produce in Canadian winter months.

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