Maintenance and your Enwise Warranty

We have received a number of calls from past Enwise customers who have purchased a tankless water heater, a furnace, an air conditioner, or some other piece of mechanical equipment.  They always ask about their Enwise warranty and what The companies bankruptcy means for them.  The answer is easy but it is important to everyone.Enwise warranty

Many HVAC companies offer extend warranties on top of the equipment manufactures specifications.  These extend warranties (like the Enwise warranty) can be set up in a few different ways, but most are done though the actual HVAC company.  This can be risky as you rely on the company to provide coverage if an issue arises, but there is no guarantee the company will be around in 10 years.  This is exactly what happened in the case of Enwise warranty, the extended warranty that some customers purchased was effectively erased the moment they went bankrupt.

But… Every customer still maintains their system warranty from the manufacturer, which in most cases is really quite good.  You are not bound to any one company and as long as they are a recognized dealer of a certain brand all warranty work can be done by any company, it’s you, the home owner’s choice.  Thus, if you are a past Enwise customer all of your equipment is still covered under the manufactures warranty, you just need to choose another company to perform the scheduled maintenance and warranty work should the need arise.

The one catch is maintenance; you need to make sure that maintenance on your furnace, tankless, air conditioner or other system is done according to the systems manual.  If you forgo any maintenance and you experience some type of system failure your warranty is null and void.  So follow your scheduled maintenance and know that what happened to the extended Enwise warranty customers very well could happen to you. It’s better safe than sorry.

We can perform maintenance on all pieces of equipment and systems. 

Prices start at $119

CALL (647) 925-1930     should you have any questions or to schedule an appointment

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