Keep your Children Safe

Tankless water heaters come with a remote control that lets you lower the maximum water temperature from the convenience of your bathroom. With a lower temperature set you don’t need to worry about your child being scalded if the faucet gets accidentally moved; the water can’t get any hotter, only colder.

Benefits of a Tankless Temperature Controller

  • Set max output water temperature from anywhere
  • Keep children safe and never worry about scalding again
  • Perfect temperatures constantly
  • Set temp and fill your bath to the exact temperature
  • Show error codes and info

Almost all brands of tankless systems have remote controls, some are actual water proof remotes while others are similar to your furnace thermostat and mount to a wall.  These systems allow you to easily and conveniently change the temperature of your water heaters output temperature.  Why would you need this? Well it’s one of those things that initially you think you would never need but once you have it cant live without it. For example filling up the bath or jacuzzi tub, simply drop the temperature on the remote control to 102 degrees F. and know that your tub is now filled with that water that exact temperature.  Filling a tub for a child? set the temperature at a safe level and never worry if they are playing with the faucet, the water can never get hotter than you set it. Keep your children safe with a tankless.

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  1. (From a reformed Home Depot clerk) An imrantopt decision factor is how much hot water do you need how fast. Depending on model, a demand heater will deliver 2.5 to 5 GPM. ! usage is 2.5 GPM (ie. a shower or a washing machine) so with the bigger models you can take a shower and do laundry at the same time. If you have a garden tub they are not a good choice as it takes too long to fill the tub at the flow rates. If you exceed the flow rates, the water temperature goes down. You need gas service. They make electric heaters, but the flow rates are too low. For the ultimate solution, you can use a demand heater as a pre-heater for a tank heater. That would let you fill a garden tub and then keep it warm.

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