Commercial Tankless Water Heaters

There are a lot of potential applications for tankless systems in commercial and industrial settings.  We have installed a number systems designed to not only provide unlimited hot water and increase employee productivity but also generate considerable savings over a conventional water heater.  We continue to learn how these systems make businesses more efficient, if you think you have an application for a tankless at your workplace call and we can discuss tankless logistics.

Commercial Tankless Case Study

A customer came to us that made cookies for Starbucks and a number of other big multinational corporations.  They had several massive mixing machines and the bowels that held 400 plus gallons of dough of which needed to be cleaned after the mixing of each dough batch.  The system in place was six 60 gallon conventional water tanks hung from the roof at each mixer, the mixing bowl would then be filled with hot water, attached to the machine and allowed to run for 20 minutes to clean the bowl and mixer.  The problem was that this drained all of the hot water from everyone of the six tanks and it took too long to heat water up again.  The Mixers were constantly being cleaning with luke warm water.

This customer came to us asking if we could install six more conventional tanks at each mixer hoping that this would solve the problem.  We came in, assessed the situation and proposed a significantly different solution. To keep production maximized only one mixer was ever down for cleaning at one time.   We proposed installing 4 condensing tankless water heaters in series at the head of the plant on an exterior wall and running a line to each mixing station.  The heaters we selected were capable of producing close to 20 gallons of hot water a minute in the dead of winter, double that in summer months.  This would provide unlimited hot water, fill the mixing bowls up as fast if not faster, and still save the company money on their gas bill by not heating water when not needed.  Ultimately they went for our proposal and we have since retrofitted 2 other plants of theirs with tankless water heating systems.

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