Radiant Floor Heating with a Tankless

tankless radiant floors

We are receiving an ever increasing number in inquiries regarding the installation of tankless water heaters and radiant floor heating.  There are a number of reasons why and we hope to fully explain them below.

Conventionally radiant floor heating was done with a boiler which is large and very expensive.  Today’s technology has brought us tankless water heaters which are small enough to hang on the wall yet more powerful than ever.

Benefits of using a Tankless for Radiant Floor Heating

  • A Tankless is cheaper to buy
  • Space saving size
  • Powerful enough to provide heating as well as domestic hot water needs
  • Built in circulation pump
  • A single system can heat homes up to 3000sq feet
  • High efficiency systems (98%)

Why is radiant floor heating so nice?

Having your floors heated provides a completely different feel and comfort level within your home.  Have you ever unknowingly walked by something hot and felt that faint sensation of heat but not know where it’s coming from.  Well radiant floors are similar in a sense, and heat is released evenly throughout your home.

Radiant floor heating is much more efficient than forced air.  The floor has a much greater thermal mass and thus releases the heat slowly and evenly when heated radiantly.  A forced air furnace indirectly tries to heat your home by heating the air.  This hot air rises and in fact works to heat your roof.


Radiant floors can now be installed under tiles, hardwood, and even laminate.  The tubing is pre-made and carries a long guarantee (depends on brand).   Let us come out and give you a free quote to install radiant floor heating in your home.


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On Demand Water Heater Sales & Service

On demand water heaters heat cold water to the exact temperature you require in seconds.  This is done through a heat exchanger and natural gas burner (or propane) which creates enough heat to make hot water instantly.  The best part is that the moment you stop the shower or turn off the taps the heat shuts down.  This prevents standby heat lose which a conventional tank constantly leaks into your home.  In the summer you spend money producing heat in your home with your water tank and then spend more money running the air conditioner cooling it down.

An on demand water heater is fundamentally the exact same as a Tankless water heater.

Tankless systems also have two pipes associated with their venting.  One of the pipes is used to exhaust poisonous combustion gases outside the home whereas the other is used to provide the fresh air for combustion. Why is this done? If combustion air is used from inside the home it creates negative pressure in the entire house, this then forces outside air into the home.  On nice days this probably isn’t an issue but during the winter or hot summer days you then need to run your furnace or A/C to compensate.

We sell and service on demand water heaters within the greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area, if you at all interested or have any question give us a quick call.  At GoTankless information is always free and knowledge is power.

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Switching to an on demand water heater can on average can save your home 44% on your water heating gas consumption.  On the other hand unlimited hot water produced by on demand water heaters results on average to a 5% increase in a homes water use.

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    Upgrade Your Water Tank To A Tankless Systems


    Upgrade Your Water Heater And Get Reduced Energy Bills!

    That’s right, as if saving up to 40% on your water heating bills wasn’t enough incentive; we are offering ‘CASH BACK’ for upgrading your water heater to one of our Green Plan options.

    We’ve listened to our customer demands and provided a number of options for you to upgrade and save. With our HIGH efficiency upgrades you can start to see some significant savings on your energy bills, its not uncommon for client to see 40% reductions!

     The Green Plan

    Rinnai Tankless Water Heater – High Efficiency

    $39.95 per month

    • As low as $39.95 per month installed!
    • Up to 40% more efficient than an older hot water tank
    • No energy costs when you are away from home or it’s not in use
    • Greenhouse gas reduction of 1 tonne per year
    • Never run out of hot water
    • Wall mounted space saving design
    • 20 year-plus lifespan
    • Plus, get ‘Cash Back’

    We are one of the largest installers of Rinnai Tankless systems in Ontario.

    State Condensing Premier PV – High Efficiency

    $34.95 per month

    • As low as $34.95 per month installed!
    • Up to 40% more efficient than an older hot water tank
    • Condensing technology reuses heat for 90% thermal efficiency
    • Greenhouse gas reduction of up to 1 tonne per year
    • Glass lined to help prevent scaling
    • 50 gallon profile with 70 gallon performance
    • Plus, get ‘Cash Back’

    Not able to upgrade to our HIGH efficiency options yet? Consider upgrading to a new Power Vented or Conventional model and you’ll save up to 15% on improved efficiency, plus we’ll give you CASH BACK for switching!

    Power Vent – Natural Gas

    $24.95 per month
    • As low as $24.95 per month installed!
    • 15-30% more efficient than an older hot water tank when you compare new technology and decrease from scaling
    • Flame Guard reduces risk of accidental fires and complies with FVIR regulations
    • Electric igniter, no open flames
    • Glass lined to help prevent scaling
    • Get ‘Cash Back’


    Conventional – Natural Gas

     $17.95 per month

    • As low as $17.95 per month installed!
    • 15-30% more efficient than an older hot water tank when you compare new technology and decrease from scaling
    • Flame Guard reduces risk of accidental fires and complies with FVIR regulations
    • Glass lined to help prevent scaling
    • Get ‘Cash Back’


    Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the GREEN PLAN today:

    • Selection of energy saving technologies that fit your budget and needs
    • Reduction in energy use
    • 24/7 Warranty covered during rental period
    • Improved safety and health benefits for your family
    • FREE removal of non-code venting ($150-$500 Value)
    • FREE installation & removal of existing tank ($400 Value)

    Tankless Short Cuts and Cheat Joints

    tankless gas pipes

    It is important to get your tankless installed by a reputable company.  By this I mean someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to installing a tankless.  Heating your homes water with a tankless is a fundamentally different system than the 40 gallon conventional tank that is probably sitting in the basement now.  I will go over a few things to quiz your contractor on to ensure they really know how these systems work resulting in a much better end result for you.

    Firstly there have been some negative issues reported with tankless systems, and yes sometimes it is the manufactures fault but a lot of these issues are actually due to improper installation;  the contractor.  A conventional tank uses a smaller volume of gas producing around 30,000 BTU’s.  A tankless uses larger volumes, close to 200,000 BTU’s, but with a much reduced frequency.  Installers could just “guestimate” pipe diameters necessary to provide a conventional tank with ample gas and 99% of the time is right.  A tankless needs the gas fitter to very accurately ensure that the unit receives enough gas to produce the 200,000 BTU’s necessary.  This is the main problem as to why a lot of tankless systems receive complaints from new owners.

    Questions Ask Your Contractor Regarding a Tankless

    • Maximum distance of a ½ inch gas line needed to provide 200,000 BTU’s  – trick question, a 10 foot length can only carry roughly 132,000 BTU’s
    • What size gas line will my tankless need – In Toronto and areas all whole home tankless systems will need a ¾ inch connection minimum
    • If I purchase a condensing tankless is there any special installation needed?  – Yes, a condensing tankless requires a nearby drain to channel the water collected from the condenser.

    Tankless Systems From Kijiji

    Selling Tankless Throughout The GTA

    I get a number of updates regarding tankless systems from Google Alerts, what surprises me is the number of people and companies that post ads for tankless systems on there.  Who buys these systems? Sure they are cheap but can you be certain that your new no-name tankless you just spent $1200 on can even be installed in your home? Where do you buy the vent kit and necessary vent pipe? Who is going to install it?

    Be it a tankless, furnace, boiler, or any other combustible system in your home it needs to be installed by a professional.  These systems can kill you and your family if they are not installed properly.  Proper venting is so important it is literally a matter of life and death.

    We have been in business for years and know the ins and outs of tankless installation in the Greater Toronto area, if you have any question regarding some system you bought off Kijiji give us a call, information is always free.

    If your skeptical of random tankless systems on Kijiji and looking to purchase a tankless in Toronto, give us a call or fill out our quick form on the side of the page.  We can get you a great deal and tankless quotes are also free.

    Custom Tankless Installation

    Installing a tankless water heater can be a difficult job as such each customer we service receives a custom tankless installation.  There are a number of factors that ensure no two jobs are alike and thus each installation is unique.

    There are a number of reasons people are upgrading to tankless systems, but it’s important to understand that a tankless might not be right for every situation.  Here are a few reasons people are choosing to upgrade.

    • High efficiency – some tankless units are 98% efficient – that’s future proof.
    • Unlimited hot water – Jacuzzi’s and body showers take a lot of water that can empty a conventional tank quickly.
    • Extended Lifespan – a tankless has an expected lifespan of over 20 years.
    • Space Savings – As homes and condos continue to shrink floor space becomes a premium a tankless mounts to the wall.
    • Energy savings – 98% means that 98 cents of every dollar you spend is actually used.Tankless Installer Toronto

    Within Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area we are in a rental market for water heaters which is very unfortunate.  These systems really aren’t that expensive and when leasing you easily pay for the system 3-5 times over.  Some companies within the Greater Toronto Area are offering financing of a tankless but again the fine print is where they get you.  We see more home owners regretting their decision and paying between 13% to 18% interest for their tankless.  We often recommend that homeowner simply use their line of credit if they are looking to finance a tankless system.  The interest rate is much more reasonable and will likely save the homeowner a few hundred bucks or more.

    If you’re looking for that custom tankless installation throughout the Greater Toronto Area give us a call and we can have a REP come out to your home, free of charge.   The REP will be able to assess your home, gas lines, venting requirements and give you a quote right there on the spot.

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