Achieving The Best Water Heater Efficiency

water heater efficiency

Looking to get the best water heater efficiency out of your your homes system? We have put together a few tips that you can take advantage of when looking at increasing your homes water heating bills.

First we recommend that you take a quick trip to Home Depot, Lowes or another renovation retailer (preferably Canadian owned and operated) to purchase pipe insulation. One way to really improve efficiency is to insulate the hot water pipes in your home, its really surprising how many homes just don’t employ this simple upgrade.drain water heat recovery and a tankless

The next suggestion is really only possible if you are renovating. For maximum water heater efficiency the unit should be located as close as possible to the point of use, this will significantly reduce the energy lost from long pipe runs mentioned above. If you happen to have a small powder room at the far end of your home consider a small electric tank installed under your sink, they hold a gallon of hot water and can save a lot of energy.

Consider a drain water heat recovery system, these simple units are installed in the basement on your drain pipe. As hot water from the shower or tap is dumped down the drain a heat exchanger captures the lost energy and uses it to preheat the water going to your water heater. The saving can exceed 40% and reduce the overall energy consumption of your entire home by 10%.

Depending on how you and your family use hot water a tankless or a high efficiency conventional tank can go a long way to improving your homes water heater efficiency rating.

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Tank Less Hot Water Heaters –

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Tank Less

There are some interesting ways in which people search tank less water heaters, this includes the spelling I just mentioned.  Tank less hot water heaters, technically that is exactly what a tankless is.  A tankless is a unit that produces hot water on demand, no storage or storage tank needed. Ohh and tank less is actually just one word, tankless.

Have these systems become popular? I would say that they are on the edge of becoming very popular.  As energy prices continue to climb we see more and more innovative products coming out helping to reduce energy use.  In Toronto, the GTA, and the numerous towns and cities that encompass Ontario mostly utilize hot water tank type systems.  A conventional tank is around 60% efficient when it is first built and efficiency is reduced by about 2% per year due to scale and lime buildup.  A tank less hot water heater starts life between 82% and 95% efficiency but, like the conventional hot water tank, is also subject to a 2% efficiency loss per year.  The benefits of a tank less system is that it is designed to have the offending scale and lime removed easily restoring the original efficiency.

In and around the Toronto, Hamilton, Oakville, Golden Horseshoe area we spend about 35% of our homes total energy bills on heating water.  A tankless can reduce this by roughly 40%, thus your water heating bill can be reduced to around just 20% of total home energy needs.  This adds up pretty quickly when you realize that you heat water in your home 365 days a year; winter, summer, fall, spring, it doesn’t matter it’s always hot.

Take a look at the new generation of tank less hot water heaters , they are well suited and well designed for Toronto and area homes.

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