There are a lot of misconceptions regarding tank type water heaters and tankless systems.  As a homeowner, if you’re thinking of adding a tankless to your home take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt.  Everyone seems to be some sort of expert on water heaters and can tell you which system is better when in […]

When your conventional tank-type water heater fails, it’s usually not catastrophic.  The failure usually produces a small little leak that is caught in a drip pan or trickles across the floor into a drain. This slow leak usually gives you some time to think about the issue and plan a replacement strategy.  You have an opportunity to shop around, get […]

The Versa Hydro Tank Water Heater This is a conventional tank type water heater that is 96% efficient and capable of producing between 205 to 335 gallons of hot water per hour at a 100 degree F temperature increase. This is a conventional tank nearly capable of providing as much hot water as a tankless system. The Versa Hydro was […]

Tankless Air Flow There is a big difference between a tankless water heater and a conventional power vent tank type water heater.  Obviously they heat water fundamentally different, but what I’m eluding to is the makeup air. A power vent tank type water heater sucks air from inside the house uses it for combustion and them forces it out the […]

The 2012 national gas codes in the United States have recently made a significant changed.  This change is substantial for tankless water heater systems as the old code required ¾ inch gas piping which many homes only had as an upgrade. In the past if you had your hot water heater fail and you decided to upgrade to a tankless […]

Tankless Water Heaters There are a number of different brands of tankless water heaters, we offer the most common and some of the more uncommon water heaters. If there is something missing or you are wondering about a certain product let us know as we can special order almost anything. Navien Tankless NR-180 Navien Tankless NR-210 Navien Tankless NR-240   […]