News outlets around Ontario are all reporting the outrage that Natural Gas will increase by 40%. Even with a 40% increase Natural gas is still a steal for home owners. Here is Why. Home owners in Southern Ontario who have natural gas heat their homes cheaper than anyone. Propane, Oil, Electricity are the main alternatives and they are easily all […]

Are You Interested In A Free Quote For A Tankless Water Heater? Its important in this day and age to get more than one quote to ensure your getting what you expect from your contractors. We are not always the cheapest but our attention to detail and workmanship is above and beyond. A lot of tankless installers in the Toronto […]

Tankless Service and Installations Throughout Southern Ontario We are able to preform tankless service throughout most of southern Ontario with our core location being the GTA. Go Tankless can provide: tankless installations tankless flushing services tankless maintenance tankless drop shipping We also install and maintain tankless systems in these core cities and many others: Brampton Hamilton Kitchener Guelph Mississauga Vaughan […]

Flushing your tankless is essential to maintaining its high efficiency rating. A tankless flush will remove all of the scale and lime that has built up on your heat exchanger saving you money and helping the environment. Give us a call today to schedule your next service. Scale builds up fast inside a tankless as the water hardness of a […]