This is an interesting video produced by Rinnai that talks about how a tankless works.  They go over the very way to address the amount of water that a tank produces verses that of a tankless.  They also talk about the lifespan of a tankless compared to that of a conventional tank. With a tank water is continually heated and […]

As tankless water heaters become more and more popular the number of manufactures and models are increasing.  A tankless is also referred to as an on demand water heater and as you would expect there is no storage tank on these systems.  Using a more powerful burner a tankless can heat water instantly removing the need for the storage tank.  […]

There are numerous brand of tankless systems available to homeowners now.  I always recommend Rinnai, as they have taken the time to train every installer on their product ensuring correct installation and increased reliability.  I have to add another brand to my recommendation list as RHEEM has built a great, durable, innovative tankless system. I was able to take a […]

Rinnai RL94i Commercial Tankless Toronto Rinnai tankless water heaters are the most reliable systems on the market, part of this is due to the fact only certified and trained dealers are permitted to sell and install their systems. The restriction ensures that every unit is installed to code and to the manufactures specifications. The Rinnai RL94i lets you enjoy continuous […]

Rinnai RC98i Commercial Condensing Tankless The Rinnai RC98i condensing tankless water heater delivers more efficiency than any of the previous models before. These systems are suitable for commercial applications employing a specialize commercial digital controller. This controller allows the heater to output water temperatures between 98°F – 185°F , much hotter than residential applications. The RC98i is capable of performing […]

Tankless Water Heaters There are a number of different brands of tankless water heaters, we offer the most common and some of the more uncommon water heaters. If there is something missing or you are wondering about a certain product let us know as we can special order almost anything. Navien Tankless NR-180 Navien Tankless NR-210 Navien Tankless NR-240   […]