News outlets around Ontario are all reporting the outrage that Natural Gas will increase by 40%. Even with a 40% increase Natural gas is still a steal for home owners. Here is Why. Home owners in Southern Ontario who have natural gas heat their homes cheaper than anyone. Propane, Oil, Electricity are the main alternatives and they are easily all […]

When your conventional tank-type water heater fails, it’s usually not catastrophic.  The failure usually produces a small little leak that is caught in a drip pan or trickles across the floor into a drain. This slow leak usually gives you some time to think about the issue and plan a replacement strategy.  You have an opportunity to shop around, get […]

Bosch Therm C1050ES Tankless Water Heater This Bosch Tankless is a high performance, fully condensing system available from Bosch within the Greater Toronto Area.  A condensing tankless captures heat from the exhaust gas and uses it to preheat the incoming cold water through the use of a secondary heat exchanger. This nets around a 12% efficiency increase further reducing emissions. […]

EnviroSense Water Heater The Envirosense water heater is a high efficiency system providing between 90% and 96% efficiency.  This is a tank type water heater that come only in a 50 gallon model. There are two version of the Envirosense water heaters; one is a power vent and the other is a power direct vent.  These water heaters are so […]

We understand that there are situations where a tankless is not the right solution and we aim to address this with innovative new products. In some circumstances a home owner may want to stay with the same water heater but own it rather than spend 20 to 30 dollars a moth renting.  We offer Conventional Tanks Power Vented Water Heater […]