Navien Tankless In 2006, Navien opened an office in the United States in an effort to open markets in both the US and Canada. Navien continues to eagerly provide high quality and innovative products that are environmentally friendly, energy saving, and comfortable.  Navien introduced a condensing tankless water heater that offered users extremely high efficiency – up to 98%.  Issues […]

Prevent Deadly Water Heater Diseases Legionnaires’ Disease can be fatal and the standing hot water in a conventional water tank creates an ideal environment for it to thrive and reproduce. A tankless water heater has no standing water eliminating the threat posed by the deadly disease. Don’t take chances with your family’s health, install a tankless system and ensure they’re […]

Your only at the cottage a few days a week, why waste all that energy keeping your water hot? A tankless is perfect for cottages and only heats water when your there and when its needed.  So save some money this summer and have a tankless water heater installed at your cottage, or if you’re a do-it-yourself’er and only need […]

An instant hot or tankless water heater is extremely efficient.  The system relies on its advanced heat exchanger to quickly heat up water.  Scale and Lime tend to build up faster when water is heated, so to combat this problem a tankless is usually installed with flush valves, which allow vinegar to be pushed through the system dissolving the build […]

Commercial Tankless Water Heaters There are a lot of potential applications for tankless systems in commercial and industrial settings.  We have installed a number systems designed to not only provide unlimited hot water and increase employee productivity but also generate considerable savings over a conventional water heater.  We continue to learn how these systems make businesses more efficient, if you […]

Tankless Water Heaters There are a number of different brands of tankless water heaters, we offer the most common and some of the more uncommon water heaters. If there is something missing or you are wondering about a certain product let us know as we can special order almost anything. Navien Tankless NR-180 Navien Tankless NR-210 Navien Tankless NR-240   […]