This is an interesting video produced by Rinnai that talks about how a tankless works.  They go over the very way to address the amount of water that a tank produces verses that of a tankless.  They also talk about the lifespan of a tankless compared to that of a conventional tank. With a tank water is continually heated and […]

Looking to get the best water heater efficiency out of your your homes system? We have put together a few tips that you can take advantage of when looking at increasing your homes water heating bills. First we recommend that you take a quick trip to Home Depot, Lowes or another renovation retailer (preferably Canadian owned and operated) to purchase […]

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding tank type water heaters and tankless systems.  As a homeowner, if you’re thinking of adding a tankless to your home take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt.  Everyone seems to be some sort of expert on water heaters and can tell you which system is better when in […]

The Canadian Competition Bureau has issued a fine of 25 million dollars to both Direct Energy and Reliance Comfort. The charges suggest that the two water heater rental companies have been gouging customers and making it ridiculously difficult to end contracts. Both Direct Energy and Reliance offer rental water heaters throughout Ontario. Critics suggest that the industry is mainly a […]

Installing a tankless water heater can be a difficult job as such each customer we service receives a custom tankless installation.  There are a number of factors that ensure no two jobs are alike and thus each installation is unique. There are a number of reasons people are upgrading to tankless systems, but it’s important to understand that a tankless […]

Bosch Therm C1050ES Tankless Water Heater This Bosch Tankless is a high performance, fully condensing system available from Bosch within the Greater Toronto Area.  A condensing tankless captures heat from the exhaust gas and uses it to preheat the incoming cold water through the use of a secondary heat exchanger. This nets around a 12% efficiency increase further reducing emissions. […]

We understand that there are situations where a tankless is not the right solution and we aim to address this with innovative new products. In some circumstances a home owner may want to stay with the same water heater but own it rather than spend 20 to 30 dollars a moth renting.  We offer Conventional Tanks Power Vented Water Heater […]

The 2012 national gas codes in the United States have recently made a significant changed.  This change is substantial for tankless water heater systems as the old code required ¾ inch gas piping which many homes only had as an upgrade. In the past if you had your hot water heater fail and you decided to upgrade to a tankless […]

Bosch Tankless Systems   Initially the Bosch tankless systems were not the best units on the market, they suffered from a number of issues resulting in very negative reviews and opinions from both contractors and consumers.  Bosch took notice of the complaints and made numerous tweaks and updates on their systems thrusting them to the front of the tankless water […]

When you head south next winter, don’t pay to heat water you won’t use. Install a tankless and relax knowing that you’re saving money! The thought of spending up to six months in a warm, sunny US Sunbelt state or Mexico during Canada’s cold winter season is becoming increasingly appealing and popular for millions of Canadian retirees. This trend is […]