Condensing tankless technology uses the normally wasted exhaust gases to preheat incoming water. This has been on every one of Navien’s tankless water heaters since the beginning. The addition of the secondary heat exchanger adds about a 12-15 percent efficiency increase making a tankless water heater around 97-98 percent efficient. With one of these systems for every dollar you send […]

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding tank type water heaters and tankless systems.  As a homeowner, if you’re thinking of adding a tankless to your home take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt.  Everyone seems to be some sort of expert on water heaters and can tell you which system is better when in […]

Endless Supply Of Hot Water A tankless water heater creates hot water as you use it, thus the system will never run out. Some tankless units are made to supply one shower at a time, these lower BTU systems are ideal for cottage use here in Ontario. For residential or commercial units we recommend that a tankless have a bare […]

When your conventional tank-type water heater fails, it’s usually not catastrophic.  The failure usually produces a small little leak that is caught in a drip pan or trickles across the floor into a drain. This slow leak usually gives you some time to think about the issue and plan a replacement strategy.  You have an opportunity to shop around, get […]

If you own a tankless it is important to service your system.  A tankless is designed by engineers to have, first and foremost, the heat exchanger and internals scrubbed with a mild acid (vinegar).  The vinegar reacts with a buildup that occurs in all pipes and watercourses (scale and lime deposits) effectively eating it away and clearing the heat exchangers […]

The GSW Polaris High Efficiency Water Heater This is a high efficiency conventional tank type water heater.  This model provides 95% efficiency and is capable of providing space heating as well as domestic hot water needs. This is a high efficiency water heater holding either 34 or 50 gallons. Stainless steel tank with submerged combustion chamber Combine hot water and […]

Service Valves on a Tankless are Important The service valves on a tankless are essential for cleaning the insides of your tankless.  The valves allow an easy method of changing the incoming and outgoing water from one source to another.  Why would you need this feature? Well your tankless is designed to last more than 20 years and this requires […]

Bosch Tankless Systems   Initially the Bosch tankless systems were not the best units on the market, they suffered from a number of issues resulting in very negative reviews and opinions from both contractors and consumers.  Bosch took notice of the complaints and made numerous tweaks and updates on their systems thrusting them to the front of the tankless water […]

Rinnai RC98i Commercial Condensing Tankless The Rinnai RC98i condensing tankless water heater delivers more efficiency than any of the previous models before. These systems are suitable for commercial applications employing a specialize commercial digital controller. This controller allows the heater to output water temperatures between 98°F – 185°F , much hotter than residential applications. The RC98i is capable of performing […]

Navien Tankless In 2006, Navien opened an office in the United States in an effort to open markets in both the US and Canada. Navien continues to eagerly provide high quality and innovative products that are environmentally friendly, energy saving, and comfortable.  Navien introduced a condensing tankless water heater that offered users extremely high efficiency – up to 98%.  Issues […]