News outlets around Ontario are all reporting the outrage that Natural Gas will increase by 40%. Even with a 40% increase Natural gas is still a steal for home owners. Here is Why. Home owners in Southern Ontario who have natural gas heat their homes cheaper than anyone. Propane, Oil, Electricity are the main alternatives and they are easily all […]

We have a roughly 2000 sq foot home just North of Toronto.  Our combined average costs for heat and hot water are only $20 per month, a figure we credit to tight construction, increased insulation, programmable thermostats, and the efficiency of our Rinnai tankless water heater. Yes, most radiant systems get their hot water from either a normal water heater […]

Tankless Air Flow There is a big difference between a tankless water heater and a conventional power vent tank type water heater.  Obviously they heat water fundamentally different, but what I’m eluding to is the makeup air. A power vent tank type water heater sucks air from inside the house uses it for combustion and them forces it out the […]