Best Tankless Systems for Ontario

Best tankless systems for Ontario homes

It used to be easy for Ontario home owners to select their whole home tankless water heater as only 2 maybe 3 systems would be sufficient.  Today things have changed and there are numerous tankless water heaters as well as conventional tank type water heaters that are not only super highly efficient but also offer an endless supply of hot water.

We are going to try and give you an overview of the best tankless systems available today.


System Condensing Efficiency Max Flow Min Flow Warranty Price
RU98i YES 96% 9.8/GPM 4.9/GPM 12 Years Quote
RU80i YES 96% 8.0/GPM 4.4/GPM 12 Years Quote
RL94i NO 82% 9.8/GPM 4.2/GPM 12 Years Quote
RL75i NO 82% 8.0/GPM 3.8/GPM 12 Years Quote
RTGH-95 YES 94% 9.5/GPM 4.9/GPM 12 Years Quote
RTGH-84 YES 94% 8.4/GPM 3.9/GPM 12 Years Quote
RTG-95 NO 82% 9.5/GPM 4.3/GPM 12 Years Quote
RTG-84 NO 82% 8.4/GPM 3.9/GPM 12 Years Quote
NPE s 180 YES 97% 8.4/GPM 3.8/GPM 15 Years Quote
NPE s 210 YES 97% 10.1/GPM 4.6/GPM 15 Years Quote
NPE s 240 YES 97% 11.2/GPM 5.1/GPM 15 Years Quote
NPE a 180 YES 97% 8.4/GPM 3.8/GPM 15 Years Quote
NPE a 210 YES 97% 10.1/GPM 4.6/GPM 15 Years Quote
NPE a 240 YES 97% 11.2/GPM 5.1/GPM 15 Years Quote
Versa Hydro
PHE130-55 YES 96% 7.0/GPM 3.0/GPM 12 Years Quote
PHE199-55 YES 96% 7.9/GPM 4.6/GPM 12 Years Quote
PHE130-80 YES 96% 7.0/GPM 3.0/GPM 12 Years Quote
PHE199-80 YES 96% 7.9/GPM 4.6/GPM 12 Years Quote
PHE130-119 YES 96% 7.0/GPM 3.1/GPM 12 Years Quote
PHE199-119 YES 96% 7.9/GPM 4.6/GPM 12 Years Quote
Versa Flame
PHR-130-55 YES 95% 7.0/GPM 3.2/GPM 12 Years Quote
PHR-160-55 YES 95% 7.5/GPM 3.85/GPM 12 Years Quote
PHR-199-55 YES 95% 7.9/GPM 4.8/GPM 12 Years Quote
6G50-PDVH YES 96% 8.0/GPM 2.4/GPM 6 Years Quote
6G5076-02 YES 90% 8.0/GPM 2.3/GPM 6 Years Quote


Choosing The Best Tankless System

As the chart above indicates…. There are a lot of choices for home owners.  For the most part the systems listed are the best available here in Ontario.  There are numerous other brands that dealers or HVAC sales technicians might try to push on you but the one listed are tried and tested for our cold winters.

Budget will probably be the biggest factor in determining which will be the best tankless system for your home.  Give us a call and we can give you some rough prices over the phone and can offer exact tankless prices with a free installation inspection (we have to see the gas lines, venting run, venting termination, etc before we can be certain any tankless can be installed).

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Radiant Floor Heating with a Tankless

tankless radiant floors

We are receiving an ever increasing number in inquiries regarding the installation of tankless water heaters and radiant floor heating.  There are a number of reasons why and we hope to fully explain them below.

Conventionally radiant floor heating was done with a boiler which is large and very expensive.  Today’s technology has brought us tankless water heaters which are small enough to hang on the wall yet more powerful than ever.

Benefits of using a Tankless for Radiant Floor Heating

  • A Tankless is cheaper to buy
  • Space saving size
  • Powerful enough to provide heating as well as domestic hot water needs
  • Built in circulation pump
  • A single system can heat homes up to 3000sq feet
  • High efficiency systems (98%)

Why is radiant floor heating so nice?

Having your floors heated provides a completely different feel and comfort level within your home.  Have you ever unknowingly walked by something hot and felt that faint sensation of heat but not know where it’s coming from.  Well radiant floors are similar in a sense, and heat is released evenly throughout your home.

Radiant floor heating is much more efficient than forced air.  The floor has a much greater thermal mass and thus releases the heat slowly and evenly when heated radiantly.  A forced air furnace indirectly tries to heat your home by heating the air.  This hot air rises and in fact works to heat your roof.


Radiant floors can now be installed under tiles, hardwood, and even laminate.  The tubing is pre-made and carries a long guarantee (depends on brand).   Let us come out and give you a free quote to install radiant floor heating in your home.


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