On demand water heaters heat cold water to the exact temperature you require in seconds.  This is done through a heat exchanger and natural gas burner (or propane) which creates enough heat to make hot water instantly.  The best part is that the moment you stop the shower or turn off the taps the heat shuts down.  This prevents standby […]

What is an on demand water heater? Well it is simply a different name for a tankless water heater.  If you think about how a tankless works it’s easy to understand why some people may say or call it an on demand water heater. On demand water heaters nearly instantly heat water up to a desired temperature by running it […]

Rinnai has changed the Ultra series tankless water heaters to better reflect the designation with the model number. Basically the tankless has remained the same internally and the name has just changed. RC98i has been changed to RU98i Rc80i has changed to RU80i Personally I think they did this to better differentiate their models of tankless water heaters.  Rinnai has […]